Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why two is the number for Ghosthunting

I have now spoken to my fellow ghosthunter Jim about my lead for the haunted bingo hall and we are deciding how best to approach them to organise an investigation. Jim is a great person to go ghosthunting with. He has a very calming manner about him and at 6ft is just the sort of solid presence you need around if a monster appears. Two is the really the minimum you need for setting up an investigation and I would argue for ghosthunting – too many and no one can hear the ghosts – go on your own and if a ghost appears you will need some good hard evidence without any other witnesses.

A second person to scout out locations is invaluable and several occasions it has been useful. I always think if you are going into private homes then it’s good to have a mixture of both sexes for safety and so that no one can accuse you of any inappropriate behaviour. Often people who have a ghost are in an emotional state so calming presences help to allay any fears.

Having a second person around can also help you to remember all the different angles to check out at the location, eg is it interesting enough to sustain 5 hours plus of sitting around? Will it be safe for investigators etc? A second person can also provide a bit of moral support. I remember being absolutely terrified of the property manager of Ham House when I first met her to set up a vigil (luckily she was sussing us out and her real persona is lovely!) Having a fellow ghost hunter with me meant that he was un-phased and managed to negotiate a yearlong investigation which was a great result.

A fellow ghosthunter is also a great motivator if properties reject you(or start asking for a fortune to investigate). Every Scully needs a Mulder and it means my own perspective stay fresh.

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