Thursday, July 23, 2009

What do I need for a ghosthunt - apart from the obvious?

I was bemoaning my lack of recent ghosthunts on Twitter and a fellow twitter pal Ghost_Chaser pointed out that all you needed for a ghosthunt was a camera and a recorder. That's true but you also need evidence of paranormal activity - at least in the last five years - and an open mind. Recent activity is a must, otherwise you find yourself camera in hand but nothing to record. You may find a few orbs, hear a few creaks but that's about it - which all adds up to a Saturday night that could have been spent more productively watching "All Star Mr and Mrs" or such like (or maybe not). The latest investigation from the Ghost Club is on the 1st of August and typically I have other plans. However the Club will be investigating a building for the very first time - now is that a good thing or a bad thing? Certainly you have the element of the unknown and this reduces the chances of investigation fatigue which I experienced after the 8th investigation at Ham House. When a haunted place becomes very familiar you can develop an unholy desire for more and more exciting activity - "I don't want that coin to move, I want a shower of coins to descend from the sky!" "I don't want a ghost dog - I want an army of Roundheads to march down the stairs!"etc etc. Which is not only unrealistic but also clouds your judgement. I guess the conclusion is - it doesn't matter how often a building has been investigated as long as its new to you and if there is something active to investigate then go ahead. Note to self - must do better on the investigation arranging....if you want to go somewhere decent then you have put in the time.