Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Looking for Ghosts - the filming continues

With the horrors of swine flu now behind me (although still getting worried looks from colleagues back at work) I returned today in the midst of a heatwave of volcanic like proportions in the office. At least last night I could officially set foot outside of the house and while not allowed in the hospital until today I felt the open air would be pretty safe and I had certainly missed my freedom. The camera came out again and it was off to Seven Island ponds to record the story of the Phantom Cyclist which I detailed in an earlier blog. Certainly walking to Mitcham Common gave me a reminder of how lonely and mysterious the countryside could be and when I reached the spot, I felt the same strange mix of fear, excitement, and anticipation I feel when I visit a haunted house for an investigation. It was the middle of the evening and a group of teenagers were larking about in at the other end of the lake, so I made my way to other, more quieter end where a large group of canada geese were tending their young at the waters edge. On a warm balmy night it felt strange contemplating that in June exactly 40 years ago a small boy lost his life and drowned here and since then he has never rested in peace. To read a ghost story may produce a feeling of fear but to visit the spot where the ghost story took place brings with it more deeper emotions. With filming finished I walked back across the common and out again onto the bustling main road - time, as it must carries on.

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  1. I used to walk to those ponds when I was a child with my Dad. I didn't know the name of them - we used to call them 'Frog Islands'. The Common is a strange place but I never encountered anything paranormal there.

    Have you investigated the Bingo Hall at Rose Hill? Have heard accounts of it being haunted but never looked into it myself. Would love to know though!!