Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can ghosts follow you home?

Had a strange experience walking through the park today - a couple of times I felt as if i was being followed but when I turned around no-one was there. In my time as a ghost hunter I have experienced this sense of being on several occasions including when walking through the tube after visiting the Legal and General Building by the London Wall. What I have sensed more strongly however is the feeling of being watched. The first time was when I was 17 and staying in my friend's house at Fornham St Martin. I was in the living room and had a strong feeling I was being watched and thought that her little brother or sister must be hiding behind the sofa playing a trick but no one was there. My friend said that the previous owner had committed suicide by jumping out of the top window and that her and her sisters had seen something in the landing. She has now moved away but certainly ghostly activity does seem to follow her. The second time was in a haunted council house where a young mother was terrorised by the figure of a man who late at night would appear in the corner of her bedroom and watch her. Although I saw no-one I felt that on the landing someone or something was watching my every movement.

Luckily there have been only two occasions where I felt something was in my house and when I told he or she to go away the feeling quickly past. Was this just my imagination? People say that ghosts can follow you home and can attach themselves to people or objects - hopefully I will never have to test this theory too closely.

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  1. I had a ghost follow me home from the Royal Victoria County Park in Hampshire. There used to be a military hospital in the park but all that's left is a chapel now which is reportedly haunted.

    I 'acquired' a gentleman soldier spirit who just wanted to leave. Scared the b*jesus out of me at home when my slipper socks flew out of my dressing gown pocket and landed in the sink!

    I don't think people appreciate what can easily attach to you especially if you are sensitive to energies. I know I didn't.