Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Haunted highwaymen on Wimbledon Common

After finding the haunted chicken resides in Highgate and is thus unlikely to be strutting her stuff down in Wandsworth I resort to plan B and head for Wimbledon. Walking past the pond and the fair that has set up nearby I make my way through the undergrowth to Wimbledon Common. It's about 8 o'clock and most of the joggers and dog walkers have now gone home. I can hear the distant hum of traffic and the eerie cry of crows like an echo of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The common has a number of ghosts - the figure of a convict is seen running from and then disappearing into the bushes and the figure of a highwayman is seen on horseback. How many murders and robberies have taken place on this spot and how many have ended their careers hanging from the Gibbet that used to stand in olden times on Wimbledon Hill. It is not a place I wished to linger.

You can hear more about these stories in one hundred haunted hours - wimbledon common on YouTube

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  1. Youtube lets you embed the movie rather than just posting the link. Just copy the block of text next to the movie and paste it in just the same way as you have done with the hyperlink. Would this work better?