Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Haunted Cyclist

Started the day researching a haunted ghost cat but the story I found was rather disappointing - a couple had found a skull of cat in their garden and brought it into the house. In the middle of the night and independently of each other they felt a cat walking across the bed but when they put the light on nothing could be found. Normally this would be a great story if it happened to me but I have one eye on capturing ghostly stories on film so this doesnt give me much scope. However then a much more exciting story emerged from a collection of stories on Mitcham. It concerned a pond called Seven Islands on Micham Common where the figure of a small boy was seen riding his bike into the pond in the 1970s. The witness saw him cycle into the pond but instead of submerging he carried on riding above the water. It was later found that a young boy had drowned there in 1939. A perfect story to pursue.

Llooking forward to attending the next Ghost Club meeting. The challenge will be how to bring a society that has been around since 1862 into the 21st century. I am amazed at how many paranormal networks have sprung up. I'm registered on Twitter and there seem to be literally hundreds all twittering away particularly in America. You can see some examples by looking at my followers and who I'm following at

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