Friday, June 19, 2009

A Folly in Micham and a candlelit ghost

Delighted to find I have a haunted house right on my doorstep discovered in a publication on the ghosts of Micham - Mysterious Mitcham.

Situated near Phipps Bridge Tram Station, The Folly is a strange building, half house half flint tower almost like a tiny ruined castle. The Folly sit at the end of a row of tiny cottages, one of a collection of buildings owned by the National Trust at nearby Morden Hall Park. The author of the book recounts a tale he heard from a lady whose family lived there at the turn of the 20th century. On several occasions the family witness a figure climbing the stairs carrying a candle to light their way. Eventually the appearence of the apparition got too much for the family and they moved to another cottage nearby. The lady of the house was of gypsy origin so perhaps it was her 'second sight' that enabled her to see the ghost. I have as yet to find any more witnesses for the ghost and thought it best not to ask the current owner of the house in case they were unaware of the story. However when I took my photo this morning all seemed quiet.

Tonight more of the same heading up to North London for another instalement of one hundred haunted hours.

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