Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do ghosts disappear when we hunt for them?

Catching up on my haunted blog. So far its taken me from Wimbledon, to Mitcham, to Highgate and I even found myself learning of the ghost of Maude Carew also known as the infamous Grey Lady of Bury St Edmunds. I've also visited two haunted pubs - the Flask (although no sign of a ghost picture behind the bar or a bullet) and the Gatehouse boasting a ghost that managed to put the owner of the pub in hospital!

As yet I have not directly experienced anything of the supernatural. The phantom chicken failed to appeared and I escaped the clutches of a haunted highwayman but I did feel frightened on Wimbledon Common and when darkness fell, walking up Hillside road felt rather eerie. Was this my imagination? Perhaps. Do ghosts disappear when we go and hunt for them? Let us see where my journey takes me next....

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