Sunday, June 28, 2009

Horrors in the haunted cottage

Another frustrating day stuck at home with suspected swine flu. Still plenty of time to reflect on plans for the paranormal and to watch old horror movies. Watched the boogieman last night - a right piece of horror hokum and yet as usual I had the cushion forming a comforting barrier between me and the TV and therefore the Boogieman. The boogieman came out of the closet (no not in that way) and dragged in whoever was cowering under the covers at the time usually children but the odd parent. Fear of the Boogieman taps into some very real primeval fears of being ambushed and killed by an enemy or large man-eater hiding in the bushes. It is a fear of the unknown and as a child I remember firmly shutting the wardrobe door so that I could go to sleep and my fear of the dark remains to this day. I remember one of the most frightening ghost hunts I went on involved spending the night in a haunted cottage in Levington near Ipswich. I spent a horrible night alternating between being violently ill and horribly scared, especially when some of the participants started doing a Ouija board and something came through purporting to be the devil. A sign was asked for but nothing happened and the board was abandoned and we all went upstairs. When we came down all the candles had blown out, although there was no obvious breeze. Sitting in the darkness later on I felt that at any moment something was about to touch me on the leg at which point I would have probably run from the cottage screaming. Another reason why I never do ouija boards on ghosthunts and don't take part when others do. Although we never got to the source of the Levington ghost it was not a place I would return to willingly and certainly not at night. As a postscript on the door of the cottage there was a knocker that resembled the head of a devil. The legend was whoever touched it would be dead in a week. My friend John was brave enough to test the theory and is still alive today but we later found that a few days later the village pub burnt down - bad luck or just coincidence....

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